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Abbotsford is located in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, adjacent to Greater Vancouver.


With an estimated population of 141,397 people as of the 2016 census, it is the largest municipality of the Fraser Valley Regional District, the fifth-largest municipality of British Columbia, and the largest outside Greater Vancouver.

The Abbotsford Arts Council hosts a number of free local events including music in Mill Lake Park, the Arty Awards and more recently, the Christmas Artisan Gift Fair. It has been involved in projects such as the Abbotsford “Unity Statue”, Abbotsford Christmas Craft Fair, Art in the Park, Abbotsford’s Art and Heritage Unity Festival, and the Historical Downtown Art Bench Project.

As well as maintaining the Kariton Art Gallery which features and hosts exhibitions from local artists of all mediums residing in the Lower Mainland. The Reach Gallery Museum features exhibitions from across Canada and around the world, as well as the work of local artists. It houses a heritage archive, runs special events, programs and courses and seeks to promote local arts and culture.

Gallery 7 Theatre and Performing Arts have been one of Abbotsford’s only performing arts organizations since 1991 and operates out of Mennonite Educational Institute. They produce four mainstage productions every year. via Wikipedia

Best places to buy a house in Abbotsford, BC

A home buying process involves choosing the best rural and urban areas. You should narrow down your search to specific neighborhoods,  and evaluate the perks they have to offer. At Abbotsford, there are 9 official neighborhoods and there are more than 20 unofficial neighborhoods. Most homes available to buy are small to mid-range family homes which are selling for a starting price of $385,000 in 2017.

Central Abbotsford

Most of the homeowners in this neighborhood are people looking for affordable life. For the last year, the median price for homes dropped by $10,000. In addition to that, people can access good medical care, public transport, and restaurants. Most of the homes here are detached, so you’ll find a good variety of unit sizes. About a third of the homes were constructed in the 1980s, while the rest were built in the 1990s.

In Central Abbotsford, it’s quite easy to get around throughout the region. The two main transit hubs are Montrose Avenue and Bourquin Exchange Bay at Seven Oaks Mall. These two exchanges will provide access to Fraser Valley and Chilliwack to the east. Central is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood close to attractions like Mill Lake Park. This is a reasonably good neighborhood and prefers a relaxed environment. Most of these areas are peaceful and quiet, and great for families and singles alike.

Average House Price In Abbotsford

The average price of homes for sale in Abbotsford is $835,000. The townhouses are priced at $540,000, while detached houses cost $1.12 million. If living in an apartment is more of your style, a condo may cost $360,000.

Abbotsford houses

In Abbotsford, 40% of the houses are detached, while the rest are duplexes. And there are different housing sizes –from lofts to four bedrooms.  When it comes to selling, multiple offers are rare. The average homes sell for about 4% below the list price.

Homes for sale in Central Abbotsford

Most homes for sale in Central Abbotsford are small to luxurious family homes. The list ranks the municipality’s towns based on average sold price, how many properties are available, and how long these properties stay on the housing market. To narrow down your options ask a local real estate agent or someone working in the area who can guide you into a neighborhood that works well for your lifestyle.

West Abbotsford

Many dwellings in the neighborhood are duplexes. This part of Abbotsford BC has a good selection of houses for those looking for four-bedroom houses. About 30% of homes in the neighborhood are rented, while the other 70% are owned.

Newer homes

Most homes in the neighborhood were constructed in the 1990s and a few in the year 2000. But what makes West Abbotsford the best place to live in is the proximity to public transit riders.

Abbotsford, BC Real Estate

It’s quite easy to find homes for sale in Abbotsford BC ranging from lofts to four or more beds. About 40% of buildings are separate homes while the rest are mostly small apartments and semi-detached rented apartments. Homeowners occupy close to 70% of the apartments in Abbotsford while the rest is taken over by tenants.

Abbotsford-based real estate agency team

As your Buyer’s Representative,  the Abbotsford-based real estate agency team can make the process of house hunting much easier and more efficient than if you did it all yourself. We can help you get financing, guide you to local neighborhoods, help you determine your budget, and prioritize a list of essential features that you need in your next home. We’ll save you valuable time by finding the properties that best suit your requirements, and will show you only the most promising ones.

Make an offer on your dream home

Once you’ve found a place that catches your eye, we’ll look at comparable Abbotsford properties and real estate listings in the area to help determine a purchase offer. Then we’ll negotiate on your behalf with the seller to make sure you get the most favorable terms.

Abbotsford real estate market trends

Abbotsford has 255 properties for sale; 99 townhomes for sale and 172 condominiums for sale. The inland BC of the Mainland has burned out in the past few years. Expect to pay more to have a detached home in Abbotsford and much fewer for a house as opposed to the nearby communities.

A local realtor in Abbotsford BC

Buying and selling a home will benefit you best by working with a local realtor who is good at the local business and knows the neighborhood. They will also be able to guide you to the ideal community that works in your budget and your needs. For more listings for homes for sale in Abbotsford, check the municipal MLS listings.

Browse Abbotsford homes for sale listings

Please find an overview of all the Abbotsford real estate listings grouped by price range, area, type of home, etc. You can use the listings or search for open houses from the listings you find. Since buying a house in Abbotsford (including central Abbotsford) isn’t easy, it’s recommended that you get an agent to assist.

Updated MLS Listings

The data for MLS listings is updated every 15 minutes to give you the most current available listings. Call a local agent today so you can begin looking for your dream home. View our Abbotsford housing data for detailed insight into average property prices, housing inventory, and days on the market.