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GLM Mortgage Group Workflow: From Introduction to Approval.

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At GLM Mortgage Group (powered by Dominion Lending Centres) we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and responding to phone calls, texts, and emails within 90 minutes. The process with GLM Mortgage Group is seamless and efficient with 5 stages from Introduction to Pre-Approval, ensuring we answer all questions along the way.

We reach out to all referrals within 90 minutes or the client’s specified day/time.
During our phone call with the client, we intake information on income, debts, down payment and can provide a rough idea of a pre-approval amount.
Following the Discovery Call, the client will receive an email, containing a concise list of necessary documents we need to collect for a Pre-Approval.
The client will then receive a link to our online application. This form is digital, easy to fill out, and once received by our team at GLM – a quick phone call is made to verify information.
All documentation submitted by a client is saved, reviewed, and reconciled to the file, with any questions being asked up front to ensure we understand the file before submitting to a lender. Updates on outstanding documents are given along the way, so clients are always aware of next steps.
Once all documents have been satisfied and underwriting is complete, we put clients into a Rate Hold, which will guarantee best rates in a rising rate environment. Then, a Pre-Approval is given to the client, and the realtor if necessary, so house shopping can begin.
Any questions from the clients or realtor are welcomed by our team. As clients are shopping for homes, there may be questions about certain property types, changes in purchase price, down payment, property taxes or strata fees. At GLM Mortgage Group, we make sure our clients are informed and supported as they approach the time to make an offer, and once an offer has been accepted – the following steps are taken to finalize financing.
We ensure all documents and information are current and accurate. Any documentation that needs to be updated is done so at this time including down payment documentation.
We choose the best lender for your circumstance and shop for the sharpest rate. We submit your file along with all relevant documentation to the chosen lender.
Once a Mortgage Commitment is received, we assist our clients in working through the lender questions and conditions to secure financing.
Once all conditions are satisfied, the mortgage is instructed to fund on the closing date, and we inform our clients of any relevant next steps as funding date approaches.
GLM Mortgage Group has been the CMA Recipient for ‘Outstanding Customer Service’ year after year, which is awarded to the brokerage that displays excellence in maintaining consistent and sustainable customer service standards. We are also recognized as a Top 3 Mortgage Broker in the Greater Vancouver Area and Fraser Valley and a finalist for Canada’s Mortgage Broker of the Year. In addition, GLM Mortgage Group is a recipient of ‘Excellence in Philanthropy and Community Service’ as Geoff Lee is one of the co-founders of the Imani Orphan Care Foundation – a charity that supports 160 parentless, abandoned, and at-risk children in Narok, Kenya. The goal of Imani is to raise the next generation of kids to become people with integrity by helping them pursue excellence through education and practical skills within a supportive community. You can learn more about Imani here.

At GLM Mortgage Group, we specialize in ‘Getting you a Fast Yes at the Sharpest Rate – Guaranteed’ and take excellent care of our clients during the process. We know how to make our clients and partners feel valued, informed, and supported with special ways to show our gratitude and say thank you. Most of our business comes from word-of-mouth and we take pride in the thousands of clients we have helped in the mortgage process.